H I S T O R I C A L   S T U D Y   B Y   A C G T   A. D.   2 9 9 7
 The first net was a LAN of manfram uni comps. The next net was a WAN of Pee Cee comps. They were linked up in cities and towns right across the country. It was called the world wide web and it ran off the tel system.

In those days the net was in the tel lines, in wires and cables. It transed data between itself and the world. In the twenty cent it spread all over. The ancients called it the internet, the net, and the world wide webnet.

At first there were 28 kilbit modes which sent and receeved info. Then 56K. Then ADSL, cable and broadband. After that, sat, and wire-less connects.

The new media proved very useful, so useful, in fact, that everyone had to have it, had to be into it, as if it were a god, or an oracle, a well, or a water spring.

In the twentycent, there were data cents in which knowledge was stored on mag tape and punch cards. Instructs on the cards supplied info. This info was processed so that useful work was performed.

In the next gen there were desktop comps. People brought them home and stowed them in a corner of a room, like an icon, or god.

In the twentycent they named them, as if, in the naming of a thing, we had power over it, or control of it.

They called them pee cees and apple mac's, which we think came came from a story in the Christos bible about forbidden fruit. There was also something called a P.E.T (Personal Electronic Transactor), which was a four legged robot, and a blackberry, which was some kind of portable device, that also being a forbidden fruit in the Christos bible. They supplied them with lectris and fed them info.

Then there was the delphi, which was an oracle comp, and the book of faces. The ancient recs say the delphi ran on pee cee's, which were person comps. Some believe that it ran on mainframes, but it is more likely that they ran on manframes. After the records corrupt of the cyberwar, and the overwrite destruct of the the faces info, nobody could be really sure.

The cyberwar was for control of the net. Socialist govs tried to regulate it, and replace it with certain ideologies. Kultures and races wanted to use it for their own ends. They wanted a single philosoph and guv, with a religious head of state, which would result in the unity of mankind.

We fought against big business, which had vested interests in control of it, of empires of e-commerce, buying and selling stocks and shares, even psuedo, virtual and bit shares.

We fought against hackers and  terrors who wanted to bring it down, against kids who cyber-grafittied it, against our own western govs who taxed it.

That was in the days before the one world economy, the globalise.

Globalisation brought us down. It created frict between the first world and the third world. It was meant to bring us together, but it didn't.

Why? Because the poor and underprivileged in third world countries, the have-nots, using the net, found out that the haves, had more than they should have.

Fringe groups tried to redress the balance. They hit global comp networks and brought economies to their knees. Govs responded by tracing and tracking users. Surveillance was set up to examine credit card transacts and listen in to cell fone converses. When one lunatic fringe group was destroyed another rose up.

Then there were the cyber terrors, some of which were state sponsered.

Unfriendly govs brainwashed comp geeks into thinking particular religions and philosophs were the right ones for mankind, that if you were not if this religion or philosoph, then it would be morally right to hack into some other person's comp in another country, or the whole nation's comps, and destroy work.

They reasoned that if the last few thousand years of history now on comp was destroyed by virus or trojans, or disrupted by malicious activity, and lost to mankind, then that was no bad thing.

We would build a new society with new ideas, based on new principles of law, our new philosoph of life, and our new God, CyberGod one word.

Govs in the west made manufacts insert tracking devices in all new comps and info process units.

Sublim messages were inserted into startup and logon software. Hypnotic suggests emanating from the screen at a faster rate than the human eye could detect, planted sublim messages in the brain which advised and cautioned the you against launching malicious software onto the global network.

If the person who was logged onto the comp, or, to use the jargon of the day, the end user, was found to be a perp of such a crime, that is, a cyber-terror, then that person's brain would be fried.

The war against cyber-terror was launched by a consortium of govs and biz interests in the western world. They had unlimited funds, as they had now taxxed the net. They used the resources of some of  the most highly skilled comp scients in the world.

Systems were designed with double fail safes and redundant networks. Pseudo masks and dummy webs appeared. Virus's were designed to attack virus's. Some had multiple network re-entry facility. When systems went down, other systems came up.

Comp security got so strong and so complex that people had virus checkers,  firewalls and patches the like of which the world has never seen. No one had any idea what they were putting into their comps, or even how they were really working.

In the psuedo wars, virtual wars, and cyber wars of the twenty first cent, people suffered hypnotic shock and psychosis, the complexity of achieving even the simplest of tasks causing trancelike states. A simple item purchase required two or three passwords, about a hundred screens to navigate, popups to reply to, or deactivate, identity checks and verifications, and then gov approval.

Some people were advised that they had to be weaned off the computer, and suffered withdrawal symptoms.

In those dark times, the gov passed a law that every comp in the country had to be id-eed, that its serial number had to be stored in a backup network on the moon.  Anyone who had used that comp in the last ten minutes could then be traced. If you were up to no good on the comp, they knocked on your door in the middle of the night, or sent a bot in to trash your comp.

The home user had to be very careful of what he or she did. All e-mails were screened and read by slurpies and bots. If a combination of words came up outside approved guidelines, certain questions would be asked. People began inserting words and phrases into e-mails to cover themselves.  'In closing may our wise and beneficial President so and so maintain good health and live for ever etc etc'.

At some time in the virtual war, or cywar twentycent, as we call it now, there came a crisis day. Not unlike the thirteen evil days of 1964 when the maniacal gunslinger President John F Kennedy stood up to the shoeless Russian peasant Nikita Khrushchev very nearly terminating the whole earth with twenty thousand nuclear bombs, which would have fried the planet and all animal life and humans and turned it orange. In this day there was a six hundred and sixty six second mystery stand off, when all the worlds' comp systems froze for no apparent reason.

No one ever found out why, even though the Union of Western Govs Special Investigative Commission studied the matter at length and presented a 770 page report to the POOSPI (President's Offfice of Special Investigations).  Some hist archives refer to the wrath of Christos God, their god, that is, not Cybergod-Oneword, others to aliens. Unfortunately, the ancients had some very sophisticate disinfo tech which they used as a war weapon, so, we may never know.

Some comps got total damage, and so network backups in sats and on the moon were re-activated by bot progs, which were impervious to mass psychosis and sublim messge.

T h e   2 1 s t   C e n t

In days before the simplang, and the txt msg protcol, people wrote out words in full, which was made up of lang and sents. They had the time to do it.  After the vidclip watchsee, this sort of communic was less use. But I write this hist, in this our year of the Cyberlord, CyberGod-Oneword in 2997 A.D. now on approach to the new millen, part using authent oldspeak, part using simplang, so that the ancient's lang and achievs be acknowledged for posterity.

In those days of the 21 cent they had the tierra system which was a  link up of thousands of comps into a single entity, or supacomputa, which was to apply large scale comp power to the solving of thorny mathematical problems.

Problems such as how hot was the universe at the trillionth part of a second after the big bang, or how heavy was the dark matter, and what was its distribute, or how many atoms there were in the sky.

The ancients asked some ridiculous questions and it is not surprising that it soon got out of hand.

After that there was the SETI screensaver project, which was to search for extra-terrestrial intel. It ran from a background prog on each participating comp using data supplied from radio telscopes.

Each comp was allocate data from a tiny patch of the sky to examine for stat anomolies. They were told that, if found, such anomoly could indicate the presence of extraterrestrial intel. In other words, if they got something indicating a signal from the Andromeda galaxy, then yes, we would know aliens lived there, three million years ago!

Then there were the trojans, who appear in ancient times with the abacus, which is the system of binelog, on which all comp tech is based.

It has never been too clear what the trojans were, only that they had symbiotic relationships with comps, of shutting them down when they got out of hand.

By the twenty seven cent, our net , the exasolar infoweb, was like a reflection in a pool. You looked into it, and it gave back knowledge and info. Things such as how the world manifests itself out of nothingness. How with each passing moment, empty atoms form a universe we see and interact with, running all by itself, or seemingly all by itself, apparently a perpet motion machine.

To offspring of the world, that is, us, and the other organic matter, the infoweb gave useful ideas and discovers. Ideas on how to make labour saving devices. On how to make life better.

If you could put the question into its lang, then, like the oracles of the ancients, it returned answers, patterns, archetypes, structs, ways of doing things, even insights into itself.

Gens that followed, produced smaller, more sophisticate comps which were based on the same principal as the oracle. We carried them around and talked to them, using the binelog. We exchanged information with them, and with ourselves. We nicknamed them vid fones, palm tops, talk boxes, and holo ports. They were all mobiles, and they were all wire-less connects, because data was no longer imprisoned in the copper wire.

Wire-less connect was much faster than the tel system, It had greater bandwidth. It was beamed up to the satellite at the speed of light, and then passed back down to the earth, in greater quanta.

Still expanding and growing as before, it continued to obey our progs and instructs. That is, before the replic. Before the bots, that is, the robot programs, began to manage themselves.

We hit on the idea of putting the tech in the human body. The body was, after all, a physical repository. It had a housing, which was not unlike the hardware of a comp.

You could have a bioimplant, a wire-less high speed connect to the sat, personal head space for a 'my sensorium', and an external holographic receiving space, all in one package.

Tired of typing? Talk into the chip. More need for speed? A bio implant is what you need. You want to upgrade your old style broadband? Try an implant and satcon. No need to write the email, just think it!

Two thousand years before the ancient times, lang and communic was in hieroglyphs, then an alphabet. Then we got movable type and printing, then word process. After that, optical character rec and voice rec. With bio-implants, we got thought rec.

Now data beams down from the sat into a cloud of mist that forms into a holo vis before our eyes.

In our log on, we gaze up at the sky for a sec, in a momentry trance, as if invoking some god. When our implant connects us to the sat we okay the downcoming inload, or incoming download, as the case may be.

In the twenty third cent, the comp screen was replaced by the holo image.

In the twenty seven cent, we ran the web from the moon and from sats in outer space.

Now we receive and transmit info by means of internal solar powered comp chips, using wireless connects beamed up to sats, on this, and other worlds.

The new coms medium got its start in a hardware boc. It then worked itself into the tel lines. After that, it branched off into living matter. When it cast off its exo-skeleton, it drifted into outer space.

Data farms on the triods and inner planets are now all powered by solar energy, which is green techno. It's managed and maintained by artificial intel and bot progs. Interplanetary relay stations trans and receive data at the speed of light?

Our cyber tech continues to expand.

Well, we think it is our cyber tech. Our philosphs all say it came from us. That we built it. That it all came from the human mind.

Well, we take credit for it anyway.

Robot probes coming in from the stars. Let's think about that later.

There hasn't been a triod to speed down to erase the slate for a new book of life, which is what we think happened 67 mill years past.

You will note, this topic was recent address by the Five Leader's oneworld future think tank, millenium vidlink connect, and debate still continues today.

The new communics medium presents itself as info which can be used in convenient and useful ways in everyday life.

Some of us are so immersed in it now, that we have shed the old reality for the new reality, the cybersense, which turns out to be just as real, cool and useful as the common sense.

Q u e s t i o n s   f o r   t h e   A n c i e n t s

In what reality do we actually reside?

Did the web come to us or did we come to it?

Is the web going to rule our lives?

Is the web ever going to be run by artificial intel, or is it already an artificial intel, newly arrived from who knows where, some other dimension? Except we don't recognize it?

Is the web going to get so complex and out of hand, that it needs artificial intel to maintain it - to police it?

Is this the new renaissance, the new reality? Sensory enhancements and genetic manipulation of the species. Altering and modifying the world and ourselves with the cybersense. Growing new body parts with info process bilities.

How far can we go with the new medium. Do we rewrite our own genome, so that we have direct connect to the infoweb at all times. So that we are born with it?

Do we create a new species with superior info process ability? Is such a thing possible? Or are there physical barriers? Some sort of super complexity, built into the universe, beyond which we cannot go? A genetic speed of light. Some quantum barrier which the human hardware just can't deal with?

What can we learn from other sources? Have ET's enhanced their own species in this way? Might they reshaped their own worlds with the binelog, made their own infowebs and put them onto other worlds? Reworked them? Improved them? If they are out there, have they encountered any such barriers?

Homo-sapiens today, robo-sapiens tomorrow. New abilities, new perceptions, new ways of looking at things. A complete re-think of how we view ourselves, and the world.

The net came to us when we were ready.

The ancients had a saying, that when the pupil is ready the master appears.

Are we the host for the new species?

Mechanical gods orbiting the earth beaming down thoughts and ideas. Emerging realities from other dimensions, seemingly directed by unknown gods.

Bio implants for enhanced senses, connecting us up to anyone, anywhere, anytime, thought activated at will, providing greater fields of awareness, more efficient sensory faculties, faster reaction times, and more useful and stronger body parts.

Receipt and transmission of sight, sound, taste and smell. Over short distances or long distances, limited only by the speed of light. And maybe the quantum barrier. Are we ready for the new renaissance? The new way of thinking? The paradigm shift.

Is the new renaissance to be the renaissance of the Super_man or the Cyber_man?

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