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The Muse of Invention 

Creative Intentions

The Muse of Literature

Creative v. act of bringing into existence, giving rise to; originating, inventive, showing imagination.
Intention n. one's purpose of do -ing, or to do; thing intended; design, achieve; in logic - conception, primary conceptions of things.

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Serendipity n. the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident.

Renaissance n. revival of art and letters under the influence of classical models, period of progress, style of art and architecture, any similar revival.

P r e m i s e - In the internet of the 21st century we see a rapid birth of new ideas.
P r e m i s e - In the Renaissance of the 15th Century there was a rapid birth of new ideas.

What is the web?   Where did it come from?   What is its future?   Where is it going, or, more to the point, where are we going with it.

Or, could we ask, where is it going with us?

Is the web a new renaissance?   A new thought process?   A revival?   A new period of progress?   A new world?

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